We are proud to share the information and invite you to join us in another amazing project with a noble cause!

In cooperation with EDUS (Education for All), the Association of Medical Students of SSST’s Sarajevo Medical School – MEDICA is organizing a humanitarian action called “Novogodišnji razigrani voz, napuni voz skroz” to which all of you can contribute!

You are very welcome to bring toys, children books, modeling clay, social games and didactic toys to room 126 at SSST. Donations in money are also welcome – boxes for your contributions will be placed in the lobby as well as in the restaurant at SSST.

SSST and MEDICA both share the altruistic and humanitarian motives and support the idea of taking social responsibility and doing something noble for the ones who are more vulnerable. This is a principle we share with EDUS and the reason why we are doing this joint action.

EDUS is a non-profit non-governmental organization that works on enhancing and developing education and support for children with and without developmental difficulties while establishing partnerships with governmental, non-governmental and profit sector, through education, informing the public and rising the level of awareness in general.

Their vision is the realization of full potential of each child, nevertheless the physical and the mental challenges it is dealing with.

For more information about EDUS, please visit: http://edusbih.org/bhs/

For more information about this action, please contact medica@ssst.edu.ba.