Ambassador of Australia David Stuart  visited new groups of EDUS programme in “Vladislav Skarić” school, as a part of Mjedenica Institute for special education. Australian Embassy supports this programme for few years already and were among the first to recognize the importance of education and socialization of children with developmental delays, and donate great deal of money, time and resources to organisations like EDUS.
Alhough the Embassy was supporting several schools of this kind throughout BiH, this is the most successful one. This new space will allow them to accept more students. EDUS has great educators, management, overall a good team of professionals. He was particularly pleased with a number of different publications and literature that can be replicated and used in other places.
Ambassador Stuart emphasized that he would keep supporting EDUS in future, using his personal capacity and perspective to encourage others to help this school and include different levels of government in BiH, as well as some other international organisations.
“Two years ago, when I arrived here for the first time, I was going to offer a professional exchange, in order to allow EDUS professionals to get training in Australia, with much more developed system of care, but what I saw here, what EDUS has made and the programme they developed is so successful that I think we could learn a lot from them”, says Stuart.