EDUS – Education for all is a not-for-profit organization registered in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a vision to achieve a full learning potential of each child, with or without developmental delays. Since the foundation in 2010, we were focused on providing multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach to teaching children with developmental disorders- children that otherwise would have little or no opportunity for education, as well as children with difficulties in the mainstream schools. So far, there were at least 250 children that have been using EDUS’ services.

EDUS is one of the key providers of early intervention, and the first one in the country for early intervention in Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

The founders of EDUS were Dr. Pištoljević of Teachers College, Columbia University, who moved back to B&H to work with these children, together with professionals and parents who strive for the best and most advanced practices, proven by the continuous and measured progress of each child.

EDUS evidence-based educational program is one of the few in BiH that serves children with various Developmental and Genetic Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Speech and Language Delays and Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities, Down Syndrome, Emotional and Behaviour Disorders, ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy etc. This programme is the only one in the country that employs only research-supported methodologies in their work and can be used effectively in education of children with and without developmental delays/ disorders. (Comprehensive Application of Behaviour Analysis in Schooling).

We continually advance the level of knowledge of all our children, educators, therapists and parents through intense parent and professional staff education. In addition, EDUS contributes to the world by conducting research and presenting and publishing internationally. EDUS also has a strong profile in raising public awareness on early detection and intervention, rights and abilities of children with developmental delays, helping create a positive and inclusive environment for them. EDUS also advocates systematic improvement of health, education and social welfare system in order to meet the needs of these children.

Currently, we operate 8 classrooms with 80 children (ages 18 months -14 years old), each child receiving 15-23 hrs/ week of education and therapy. After-school tutoring/consulting services are given to for 25 children/families in the mainstream schooling. Through direct work, lectures and workshops, we are training 35 educators/therapists/medical professionals and 160 parents, as well as training and consultations across B&H. There are children and families who have moved all the way from Banja Luka, Mostar, Ljubuski, Switzerland to participate and families from Norway, Germany, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, the Netherlands and England, who come periodically for consultations. We have trained students and professionals from USA, Canada, Italy, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and England.

Since our work is entirely funded by grants and donations that we mostly provide through specific projects, we are kindly asking for your support, financial or in-kind, in order to keep providing quality education and support to children and their families and raise awareness about the need to create an inclusive society that itself would give them the best chance to develop to their full potential. Thank you!

You can follow our work on Facebook page: EDUS-Education for all